“Father, what do you

think of me?”

Ralph’s book will give you the breathtaking answer to the question everyone is yearning to ask.  Knowing what God thinks of you is the single most defining knowledge you will ever get.  Indeed, until you know how well off you are with Him because of Jesus, until you know what a stunning, not-of-this-world new creation you are, you will surely believe something else about yourself, something terribly wrong.  And your life will reflect it.

Reading God’s Astounding Opinion of You may well provide one of the most thrilling and shaping experiences of your life.  It is a foundational book resting upon what God has done for us and to us through Jesus Christ.  Through its pages you will discover that God Himself is right now living in you, capable, ready and willing to provide for all the situations of life.  It’s fantastic!  And shouldn’t it be?

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Here’s what people who have read it are saying:

"Dynamic communicator Ralph Harris invites you on an exhilarating journey to discover the person God has so gracefully handcrafted you to be. If you’re not sure of your place in the Kingdom or if you’ve lost that sense of closeness to the King, this book can change all of that. I’ve seen relationships saved and lives rebuilt by the incredible truths revealed in this book. Read it to bask in the breathtaking beauty of God’s new creation – and, yes, that means you!"

—Andrew Farley - Author/Pastor of Ecclesia

Author of The Naked Gospel and God Without Religion

“Reading this book will change the way you think about yourself, God, the Christian life, and maybe a few other things along the way! Bypassing centuries of unbiblical ‘Christian’ teaching, Ralph Harris brilliantly returns us to the start of the Christian life—what happens at the new birth—and shows the wonder of God’s plan to express His life through each believer. If you’ve wondered why the Christian life as generally taught doesn’t entirely work, this book is for you!”

—David Gregory - Author/Speaker

Author of the bestselling Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, and The Last Christian.  (Recommends page.)

“I just finished reading God’s Astounding Opinion of You today and wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the book. You have a real gift for communicating the truth of who we are in Christ and of our Father's ridiculously over-the-top love in a way that really communicates. I found it hard to put down the book every time I started reading it. I especially appreciated your personal transparency and your non-religious approach in sharing the message.  Some books are enjoyable but forgettable.  Others are memorable and inspirational.  Now and then you’ll come across one that is transformational.  This book fits in the last category. I guarantee those who read it with a hungry heart won’t be disappointed.” 

—Steve McVey - Author/Speaker, President of Grace Walk Ministries

Author of Grace Walk, Grace Rules, A Divine Invitation, and more books that on our Recommends page.

“This book will seriously spoil you for the religion of rules and the futile attempt to keep them! It will also lead you to the heart of the real Gospel - relationship with the God who passionately loves you. This is a must read for those weary of aimless wandering in religious systems while knowing that there must be more to knowing God than what they presently experience. There is and this book will show you the way. May the blessing of God rest on the book that it be used to bring life and hope to all who read it.”

—Malcolm Smith - Author/Speaker, President of Unconditional Love International

Author of The Power of the Blood Covenant, which is on our Recommends page.

“Ralph reminds us in a refreshing way that we are not on our own when it comes to pleasing God.  It is Christ in us who shines forth His glory.  And we can rest in the knowledge that He is able to accomplish in us and through us all that we are called to be.”

—Twila Paris - Singer/Songwriter, Author

19 albums, 32 No. 1 songs, 10 Dove Awards, three American Songwriter Awards, and three books.

“I’ve been a Christian for 38 years and in full-time ministry for 30 years and this is the best book I’ve ever read.  It does the best job of explaining the grace of God and God’s astounding opinion of you that I have ever seen.  It is inspiring and uplifting, but does it in such a way that you feel like you’re having a conversation with the author.  It is easy to read but full of profound truths.  I would be surprised if it didn’t change everyone’s life who reads it.  Do yourself a big favor and read this book.”

—Mike Quarles - Author/Speaker

Co-Author (with Neil Anderson) of Freedom From Addiction

God’s Astounding Opinion of You - Understanding Your Identity Will Change Your Life

Chapter One – Salieri’s Game

        The enemy’s strategy to keep you from you

Chapter Two – The Pursuit of Trivial Nobility

        Jumping the treadmill of dissatisfying delusion

Chapter Three – You Stink!

        What does death have to do with your life?

Chapter Four – Who Is I?

        Are you a modification or a new creation?

Chapter Five – The Demolition Derby Drama

        Why do you sometimes feel like you’re a crash test dummy?

Chapter Six – He Ain’t Heavy

        Holy Spirit – life of the party

Chapter Seven – Hitting My Pause Button

        How to find God by an intentional delay

Chapter Eight – Doin’ The Monster Mash

        Slaying the sin-loving beast in you

Chapter Nine – Cleaning Up Toxic Relationships

        Getting free from the prison of devotion

Chapter Ten - Friendship With Our Friend

        Does God bother with you because He’s bothered, or because He likes you?

Chapter Eleven – The Eyes Have It

        If you don’t like what you see, you’re missing something terrific!

Chapter Twelve – Aliens Have Landed

        The proper care and feeding of the everyday foreigners in your family

Chapter Thirteen – The End Of Pretending

        Receiving frustration’s gift to you

Chapter Fourteen - Stripping Mummies

        Finding freedom and life outside the tomb

Chapter Fifteen – Taking Heaven With You 

        If all of heaven is your audience, then what are they thinking?


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